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Human Resources

Welcome to the Golden Plains Unified School District Human Resources Department, where our certificated, classified, and support staff ensure “Accountability for every student by name, whatever it takes, our students are worth it.” Join our team and become part of the GPUSD family.


Jeannette Ocampo

Director of Human Resources and Credentials

(559) 210-5808

CTA Collective Bargaining Agreement  CSEA Collective Bargaining Agreement 
CTA Collective Bargaining Agreement July 1, 2016-June 30, 2019 CSEA Chapter 650 Collective Bargaining Agreement 2016-2019 Job Opportunities (Certificated & Classified) Salary Schedules


2021-2022 Certificated Salary Schedule 3%

2021-2022 Certificated Management Salary Schedules 3%

2021-2022 Classified Management Salary Schedules 3%

Job Descriptions 2020-2021 Certificated Salary Schedule 1.5%


2019-2020 Certificated Salary Schedule 1.5%

Certificated Mgt Salary Schedules 20-21 6.30.20

Public School Works-Employee Safety Training Website Certificated Teachers Salary Schedules 20-21 6.30.20
Employee Absence System: District Management System (DMS) Classified Mgt Salary Schedules 20-21 6.30.20
GPUSD 2021 2022 School Year Calendar CSEA Salary Schedules 20-21 6.30.20
2021-2022 GPUSD Employee Duty Calendar 2019 – 20 Certificated Management Salary Schedules
Forms  2019 – 20 Certificated Salary Schedules
2019-20 Payroll Due Dates  2019 – 20 Classified Management Salary Schedules
GPUSD Volunteer Packet  2019 – 20  Classified Salary Schedules
Complaints Concerning Employees-Form 2018-19 Certificated-Management Salary Schedule
Uniform Complaint Procedure-Reporting Form 2018-19 Certificated Salary Schedule


2018-19 CSEA Salary Schedule

Workman’s Comp Information


 In case of workplace injury please call:           

1-800-367-5020                                                                                           Available 24 Hours a day

InterAide Triage and Telemedicine Program Information