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Technology Plan 2018-2021

Acceptable Use Policy (Employees)

Acceptable Use Policy (Students Grades 7-12)

Technology Purchasing Procedure

Technology in Our  District

Today, our learning environments must support college, career, and life readiness. The effective use of technology provides enhanced opportunities for students and employees to succeed in school and the work place. Technology is seen as a potential equalizer for schools separated by miles of country roads.

Our Mission

Our Mission: The Golden Plains USD Technology Department mission is to support the development of inquisitive, creative, resourceful thinkers; problemā€solvers; and eager participants in a global networked society.


Our Driving Questions are:

  • How can we best prepare our students to thrive as digital citizens?
  • What are the specific skills that current students need to posses in order to be sucessful in the future?

Our Goals

GPUSD goal is to be in the forefront of educational technology. We are committed to empower, enable and support our teacher to master today’s technology and to continues to review current research and recommendations for providing access to, and the best use of, information and communication technologies (ICT), while engaging in the following five important tasks:

  • Support teachers and staff to seamlessly and effectively integrate ICT’s into the K-12 curriculum and other District business
  • Strengthen efforts to use student e-portfolios at all grade levels
  • Develop awareness of and increase in digital citizenship behaviors
  • Update technology inventories
  • Review and revise policies and procedures in support of effective 21st century learning

Expected Outcomes:

  • Students will demonstrate information literacy and digital fluency, as defined by ITSE
  • Teachers, administrators, and staff will leverage technology to enable our remote district to provide technology-rich curriculum
  • Technology will be used throughout the District by GPUSD staff to improve communication, promote effectiveness, and generate efficiencies in all operations.

GPUSD Technology Department will  provide the required connectivity, hardware, software, and related instructional resources necessary for all students and staff to meet digital fluency performance goals

Technology Department Staff


Carroll, Michael

Director of Technology


Lor Chao

Educational Technology Assistant



Ramirez, Adriana

Educational Technology Assistant


Torres Sergio

Technology Support Technician